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For a second consecutive year, the architectural award Bringing Light to Life ended up in an official awarding ceremony. This time the ceremony took place in the festive atmosphere of hotel Arena di Serdica in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria. The building provided an exciting environment for the event. The guests from Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina were impressed by the archaeological excavations entwined in the atrium volume of the hotel - a wonderful background for architectural conversations.

All projects that participated in the competition were presented on boards at several levels in the atrium of the hotel. 

The ceremony was led by Vladimir Vladimirov, an apparent talent in speaking to an audience. Vlado is a regional manager and part of the VELUX Bulgaria team for more than 10 years. His experience and attitude to designers and architecture as a whole was once again proven by the brilliant arrangement of what's happening on stage.


Marko Sladoje, managing director sales region Central Eastern Europe, opened the ceremony with a short speech and congratulations on the local initiative to organize and hold an architectural competition for buildings with more daylight and fresh air through the roof.

The event had the honor of welcoming arch. Ljubomir Georgiev from VISION for Sofia. As a subject extremely interesting for the architects gathered from the Balkans, arch. Georgiev presented the initiative VISION for Sofia, its current development and results. "The project has the ambition to describe the city in which we want to live and to improve the way of urban planning by including all the people and organizations involved in creating the general future of Sofia: non-governmental organizations, investors, researchers, experts and citizens."
In 2018, VELUX Bulgaria, with great joy and enthusiasm, took part in the work of the VISION for Sofia through cooperation in the ISU2018 workshop.

Assistant professor, dr. arch. Aneta Slavova is the main organizer of the ISU - Interdisciplinary Student Workshop since the launch of the initiative back in 2015. The ISU provides dynamic, alternative forms of learning, an upgrade of the standard education for architectural students, with work being oriented towards real practice and acquisition of more skills to prepare students from different specialties for their realization in life. In 2018, the focus of the workshop was the development of a concept for shared playgrounds in “Nadeshda” city district, Sofia, including the space under the roof of an existing kindergarten, the 115th kindergarten "8-mi mart".

Arch. Adnan Harambasic from the SAAHA Architecture Studio started the actual awarding with a short presentation of the competition and the jury process. He pointed out the objective criteria on which projects are being evaluated:
- Effective distribution of daylight in the building and the premises
- A view of the surroundings and connection of the surrounding area to the building
- Effective use of space under the roof elements in the volume and interior of the building
- Design and aesthetic impact
- Layout and presentation


The First prize in the category Family houses was announced and granted by arch. Serban Tiganas, member of the jury for Romania.
The winning project is Weekend Chalet, Grocka, Serbia with authors arch. Uroš Maksimović and Marina Vasić.

The award in the category Residential and public buildings was announced and granted by arch. Vesna Milosevic, member of the jury for Serbia.
And the winner is… Office space for a manufacturing plant, Silistra, Bulgaria, arch. Christian Alexandrov.

The Global award for year 2018 was announced and presented by arch. Adnan Harambasic, member of the jury for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Trip to Paris, participation in Healthy Buildings Day 2019Daylight Symposium 2019 and 2000,- EUR receive the architects from MODELART with the project Rilak's House, Alibunar, Serbia!

VELUX traditionally issues special awards to projects of particular importance for the company in the meaning of creating a better living environment.
This year, each of the participating VELUX sales companies has determined these awards.
The general manager of VELUX Romania, Noemi Ritea awarded two participants: CASA BOERIU, Romania with author arch. Stefan Vlad and Kindergarten in Apahida, Romania with authors S.C. PROGIS CONSULTING S.R.L.

The general manager of VELUX Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sanela Salibegovic awarded the project Residential building, Tuzla of ENTASIS architects.

The general manager of VELUX Bulgaria, Nikolay Zahariev awarded the project Villa Park - Plovdiv, Bulgaria with authors RT CONSULT Architectural Company.

The last special prize, the one from VELUX Serbia, was announced and presented by arch. Martin Panovski, a member of the jury for Macedonia.
The award won the Museum of the Memorial Complex on Mountain Cer, Serbia with author arch. Jovana Milic Slimovic.

We would like to thank all participants and guests of the event!

All members of the jury, except for arch. Filip Alexic (jury member for Montenegro), who was impeded for another architectural forum, was able to attend the awards!

Arch. Rositsa Bratkova and arch. Plamen Bratkov, who were part of the jury for Bulgaria, were spared going to the stage this time. We would like to thank them particularly and all members of the jury that, despite their busy day, they overcame the EXCEL table with all the 57 projects and hundreds of files sent for the competition. 

We truly believe that you made this competition so special!

Your VELUX team
- All the pictures from the event are available in the FACEBOOK page of the BLL award here.
Here you can see the jury members' scores as well as the overall rankings of all the projects.



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