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Architectural & Design awards “Bringing light to life”

is an annual VELUX competition for architects and designers from CEE region, who treat the daylight in the architecture as one of the most important components for developing healthy buildings and environment. The daylight coming from the roof brings to every building the key factors for well- being – light, ventilation, fresh air and space.


In this 6th edition of the Architectural & Design awards “Bringing light to life”

Seven countries from CEE region participated with projects in 3 categories – Family houses, Public and residential buildings and Renovations with more than 130 projects.


The winners were announced on 13/02/2020 in Belgrade, where the official ceremony took place. In the event, around 150 architects from 5 countries participated and celebrated the “daylight in the buildings”.


Global winner /score: 356 points/
Project: BS_257 - Guest Houses, Bulgaria;
Authors: "HO_RA" – arch. Andrey Hodkevich, arch. Vladimir Rainovski

Winner Residential and public buildings /score: 350 points/
Project: Parents' house, Tuzla, BiH
Author: arch. Emir Salkic


Winner Family Houses /score: 338 points/
Project: KK House, Turkey
Author: arch. Kerem Piker


Winner Renovations /score: 350 points/
Project: Gundulicev venac Beograd, Serbia
Authors: arch. Ela Nesic and Danilo Nedeljkovic




International VELUX Award 2020-1
International VELUX Award 2020-1

"I think daylight is more than a function. It also has some spiritual power," says Qi Wang, regional winner from Asia and Oceania. What role do you think daylight plays in architecture and in our lives?


2018 projects from all over the world: THE PHOTOPHONE HOUSE - the sound of daylight by student; Lara Brmbolić. Teacher; Neda Cilinger from Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Croatia.”The idea of the project is to highlight the importance of our sensory receptors and especially it is sensitive to the children in order to introduce them into the world of senses and physics by poking the curiosity in them and waking up the inner child in the adults. The photophone house is a space of empathy and nuances where daylight and acoustics dance together.” Find all #IVA2018 projects by tapping the link in our bio. #studentsofarchitecture #architecturestudent

International VELUX Award 2020-2
International VELUX Award 2020-2

Do you want to take part in the biggest competition of its kind for students of architecture? Registrations for the International VELUX Award 2020 open this September! Find out more about the award and get ready to sign up:


LIGHT FOREST by student; Yichen Fan and Cheng Fan. Teacher; Jizhong Shao from Nanjing University of Technology, China. “The design mimics the morphology of the plant cells and uses the Tyndall effect to supplement the light's shaded rainforest underlying plants. To make some plants that are not suitable for growing under tall plants to survive at lower latitudes, to enrich the ecological plant circle in the greenhouse. Place greenhouses in urban parks to provide a new, natural rest area for reinforced concrete forests.” Find all #IVA2018 projects by tapping the link in our bio. #studentsofarchitecture #architecturestudent


2018-projects from all over the world: LIGHT & WATER by student; Jean-Baptiste Martin. Teacher; Sophie Brindel-Beth from Ecole d’Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires a Marne-la-Vallee, France. “How can an architectural project reveal a concern for tomorrow? And how to highlight the challenges that will arise to humanity in a more or less close future? Water is transcended only by light that gives it real visual properties. Typical patterns of light crossing the water are projected on the walls. The water turns into a fast and vertical movement and become a mist.” Find all #IVA2018 projects by tapping the link in our bio. #studentsofarchitecture #architecturestudent