Competition mansard of the year


Interplay of typical regional architecture and global modern trends

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear architects and designers,


We have the pleasure to announce, that the sixth edition of the architectural awards for projects that demonstrate the implementation possibilities of roof windows “Bringing Light to Life” 2020 starded already! The countries participating are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia and Turkey.

Daylight is priceless for us in connection with our psyche and physiology, its delivery to our homes and public buildings is our mission.

VELUX roof windows give a unique method to get large amounts of daylight and fresh air through the roof.

VELUX is a global leader for solutions to transform loft spaces and utilize the room under the roof. In the building sector it is common to have different architectural ideas and form giving, that inevitably interact with the large product scope of VELUX. The competition is here to provoke and develop the possibilities for utilization and improving of comfort in the rooms under the roof, different design solutions and unorthodox implementation concepts.

The sharing of the best examples of your unique ideas and solutions with other architects from Bulgaria and the globe, as well as with our clients is our common goal.

The VELUX team.

Photographer: Gregory Halpern