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Instructions for project upload 2020

 BLL 2020
A step by step guide on how to upload a project for the awards

This document will guide you through the project upload process step by step.
If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Dowload the instructions as PDF here!
Short description of the BLL awards:
“Bringing Light to Life” are annual architectural design awards for buildings with roof windows.  The change daylight brings into the buildings is magic, that we experience with each of our joint projects. The sharing of these good examples and the announcement of good architecture is our common goal since the beginning of the awards back in 2014.
The awards brief
The complete award brief could be downloaded here:
Project display process overview
Each project that is part of the BLL awards is shared in the following three ways:
  • Project display on the webpage
  • Project display on a dashboard 50/70cm at the awarding ceremony, as part of a exhibition for this special occasion 
  • Project display in the yearly booklet (A3), as hard copy and as a PDF on the BLL web page

How does VELUX Group handle the uploaded data?
All project pictures, projects and authors information is used exclusively and only for the BLL awards processing purposes. No project pictures, description, and authors information is and will be used for VELUX products promotion per se.
VELUX Group has a history of creating exemplary case studies about superior architectural realizations with VELUX products. These case studies are a result of a close cooperation with architects and designers. The process follows strict rules and legal agreements that go along separate procedure and is not connected to the BLL awards.

How to create an account 
To apply for the awards, one must create an account on the BLL awards page first. 
1. Click on MyBLL at the top right corner in the menu
2. The following page appears, the MyBLL text in the menu turns red which indicates that you are in the login area of the web page. Please, fill in the blanks with the required information and click on Register (steps 1-11):

Project upload form
After a successful registration, the project upload could begin. The following page opens, steps 1 to 12 are obligatory. Please note, that this data will be used for all three types of project display (web page, dashboards, yearly booklet)

1. Year: Please select awards issue Awards 2020.
2. Category: Please choose from the following 6 categories for your project:
  • Family houses new build
  • Residential and multifamily buildings new build
  • Public buildings new build
  • Family houses renovation
  • Residential and multifamily buildings renovation
  • Public buildings renovation

3. Project name: 
The project name could consist of 48 characters. (The restriction of the name length is connected to dashboard and projects booklet design layout.)
Please write in English!
4. Short introduction:
The short project introduction could consist of 250 characters. (The restriction for the length is connected to dashboard and projects booklet design layout.)
Please write in English!
5. Photos (project pictures)
All type of project images needs to be uploaded as JPG images print quality (300ppi). This applies to all types of images: drawings (floorplans, sections, views, site plans), visualizations, photos, schemes, even if you would like to have an additional project description.
The uploaded pictures are used for the web presentations, printed dashboards, and booklet. (Please, check the Dashboard pictures specifications, prior to uploading pictures for the project dashboards)
By clicking on the Choose file button one could browse and select files to upload (1).
There is no restriction for the number of uploaded images per project. All uploaded images would be visible on the webpage of the project. Selected by the author images would be applied to the dashboards. Additional pictures could be added by clicking on Add more photos (2).
6. Declaring the authorship of the uploaded data is obligatory (3).

7. In the Designer field, please insert authors name, or teams name. The field restriction is 68 characters (The restriction for the length is connected to dashboard and projects booklet design layout.)
8. The Telephone field is prefilled with the information from the registration form. The phone number could be changed if needed.
9. The Address field refers to the project location. The field restriction is 68 characters (The restriction for the length is connected to dashboard and projects booklet design layout.)
10. The Email field is prefilled with the information from the registration form. It could be changed if needed.
11. The Security code is to be transcribed from the image into the blank field.
12. Please, check the box confirming the acknowledgement about the General terms for participation.
13. Please check the box as well for a given a consent VELUX Group to process one`s contact data in connection with the BLL procedures.
14. Select the button Publish ones all the fields and required checkboxes are filled. After clicking the button, the project data is uploaded on the server. This might take several minutes, depending on the internet connection available.
If you wish to upload a larger number of images (>7), please do so in steps. Select up to 7 images at ones and click Publish. After the successful creation of the project entry, it is possible to upload additional images and edit the project data.
15. The button BACK would bring you back to your project’s library.

Dashboard templates selection
Dashboard creation for the project is the next step after clicking on the Publish button in the project upload form. The dashboard format is 50/70cm, landscape orientation, 300ppi. There are 10 dashboard templates to select from, depending on the project images specifics – rectangle or square form, details to have focus on etc.

1. Select a template by clicking in the corresponding circle for selecting it (1).
2. Additional menu appears where one could select a project picture from a pull-down menu for each of the positions. In the template preview one could see the placeholder for each picture corresponding to its number. Select a picture for each position.  (steps 2-6).

Dashboard templates layout
The following project data is applied automatically to the selected dashboard:
  • Project name (1)
  • Project ID, author, category, location, project description (2)
The pictures placeholders (3) have fixed sizes. If the selected project picture does not have the same size it would be cropped if larger or placed in the field without matching the layout window if smaller.

Dashboard pictures specifications

Table 1  
01/1: 2000x1200 px 300ppi
01/2: 2000x1378 px 300ppi
01/3: 2000x1201 px 300ppi
01/4: 2844x1896 px 300ppi
01/5: 2844x2001 px 300ppi

Table 2  
02/1: 4845x1563 px 300ppi
02/2: 4845x879 px 300ppi
02/3: 3363x1249 px 300ppi
02/4: 1367x582 px 300ppi

Table 3  
03/1: 1400x1400 px 300ppi
03/2: 2844x1896 px 300ppi
03/3: 1400x1400 px 300ppi
03/4: 2844x2001 px 300ppi

Table 4  
04/1: 2400x1400 px 300ppi
04/2: 2443x1400 px 300ppi
04/3: 2400x2497 px 300ppi
04/4: 2443x499 px 300ppi
04/5: 1200x881 px 300ppi
04/6: 1200x881 px 300ppi
04/7: 1125x1880 px 300ppi

Table 5  
05/1: 3189x4015 px 300ppi
05/2: 1654x1400 px 300ppi
05/3: 770x770 px 300ppi
05/4: 766x770 px 300ppi
05/5: 770x1609 px 300ppi
05/6: 766x1609 px 300ppi

Table 6  
06/1: 3190x1200 px 300ppi
06/2: 1654x1200 px 300ppi
06/3: 3190x1378 px 300ppi
06/4: 1654x1378 px 300ppi
06/5: 3190x1201 px 300ppi
06/6: 1654x1201 px 300ppi

Table 7  
07/1: 3190x1200 px 300ppi
07/2: 3190x1378 px 300ppi
07/3: 3190x1201 px 300ppi
07/4: 1654x4015 px 300ppi

Table 8  
08/1: 3944x1200 px 300ppi
08/2: 900x1200 px 300ppi
08/3: 2400x1378 px 300ppi
08/4: 2443x1378 px 300ppi
08/5: 2400x1201 px 300ppi
08/6: 2443x1201 px 300ppi

Table 9  
09/1: 2400x1800 px 300ppi
09/2: 1125x1200 px 300ppi
09/3: 1200x1200 px 300ppi
09/4: 2443x1378 px 300ppi
09/5: 2400x2097 px 300ppi
09/6: 1654x1201 px 300ppi

Table 10  
10/1: 3190x2126 px 300ppi
10/2: 1654x826 px 300ppi
10/3: 1654x1181 px 300ppi
10/4: 1121x1062 px 300ppi
10/5: 1950x1771 px 300ppi
10/6: 1654x885 px 300ppi
10/7: 1654x767 px 300ppi

Preview and saving of the project dashboard
Ones all the pictures are selected from the pull-down menus (1), a preview in JPG can be generated by clicking on the Preview in JPG (2) button. A JPG file is generated and could be viewed after saving it locally. 
If adjustments are needed to the information about the project or to the pictures one could get back to the project editing panel by clicking on Back to the Object (4) button.
Click on Save the table (3) button to save the created dashboard.
With this the project upload is completed!

Project checkup and project visibility on the webpage 
When a project is uploaded it gets checked up by the administrator. This usually takes one day, but it could take longer near the deadline for applications (31st of January 2021). 
Ones approved the project is visible on the bll-web page here:   

DEC 2020
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