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Hotel “Kraljevac” Kljuc, BiH

Hotel “Kraljevac” Kljuc, BiH

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Year: Awards 2019

Category: Residential and public buildings 2019

Hotel “Kraljevac” Kljuc, BiH
Hotel “Kraljevac” Ključ is situated in the canyon of the Sana River below old walls of a medieval fortress of Ključ. The place is surrounded by dense pine forests, the Sana River and the Kljuc-Sanski Most highway. There are no other structures built nearby. The aim of the project was adaptation of the existing masonry building, which by its function does not respond to the characteristics of the modern Hotel. Also in its aesthetics and form does not respect the environment in which it was created. During the adaptation project it was obligatory to keep the basic dimensions of the building in order to comply with the existing building permits. By intervention, the building is more connected to the environment and the nature around it.