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VM Invest Apartmani, Zlatibor, Serbia

VM Invest Apartmani, Zlatibor, Serbia

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Year: Awards 2019

Category: Residential and public buildings 2019

VM Invest Apartmani, Zlatibor, Serbia
Description: The project in the narrow centre of Zlatibor we are extremely proud of. The property is located in authentic mountainous surroundings, but also close to all important buildings – shopping center, bus station, King's Square, lake, ski slopes... Thanks to the combination of the colored therminsulating façade, natural stone and wood, you will be tucked during cold days and nights on Zlatibor. Aluminum – Wood joinery is installed on the façade, in accordance with the ambience. Roof windows are in residential units located in the attic and provide space under the roof with significant ammount of daylight, ventilation and sense of openness towards nature. In an apartment with a view of the nature, the pine forest and the mountaintop of Čigota is positioned with Cabrio GDL. Gives impact in the sense of daylight and fresh air, and not to mention the view, is amazing.